Scientists find over 20 new effective COVID-19 drugs

July 27, 2020  14:47

Specialists from the US Medical Research Institute have identified over 20 new drugs that can stop the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 disease, Nature reported referring to the article.

According to, researchers analyzed the largest database of drugs to find among them those that may be effective against coronavirus. They managed to find 100 molecules with confirmed antiviral activity, and 21 drugs were found to be effective at concentrations that are safe for patients. Besides, four drugs appeared to act synergistically with remdesivir, which is already being used to treat COVID-19.

Two of the drugs discovered by scientists have already been approved by the FDA: antiallergenic astemizole and clofazimine for leprosy. Researchers are currently testing 21 drugs in small animal models and organelles - three-dimensional models that mimic human organs, in this case, the lungs.

Clofazimine, Hanfangchin A, Apilimod, and ONO 5334 are currently the best short-term effective treatment options, according to scientists.

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