What is the healthiest bread?

September 24, 2021  11:25

Healthy bread is a source of B vitamins as well as fiber, which is essential for good bowel function, said nutritionist Olga Dekker.

Good breads also contain complex carbohydrates, she says, which can help you stay hungry longer and reduce sugar cravings.

On Instagram, the specialist said that when choosing bread, you should pay attention to its composition. It is recommended to give preference to bread baked from second-rate or wallpaper flour.

“Second-grade flour contains up to eight percent of bran, so it is much darker and healthier than first-grade flour,” the specialist said.

Moreover, the more proteins in bread, the better, but there should be less carbohydrates - no more than 40-50 grams per 100 grams.

The nutritionist also believes that breads with a shelf life of more than two weeks should be avoided as they contain preservatives and thickeners. She recommends buying yeast-free bread made with sourdough, whey, or malt.

“The ideal choice for the right bread is homemade protein whole grain bread,” Dekker said.

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