What are common mistakes that get in way of losing weight?

March 24, 2022  09:48

What are the common mistakes that keep people from losing weight? Nutritionist Emma Laing shares her opinion on this.

As the Express writes, diets that are too strict usually do not work. The nutritionist explained this by the fact that a person can not always eat limited amounts of food, and when the diet ends, the slimmer is likely to start overeating the products that were banned. Moreover, because of dietary restrictions during a strict diet, a person may constantly feel a lack of energy and false fatigue. That is why the decision to start a strict diet to lose weight is fundamentally wrong and to good results will not bring.

According to Laing, short-term extreme diets usually do not bring sustainable results, and the weight quickly returns. To avoid stressing your body and getting the figure of your dreams, she recommends setting yourself up for smoother and more time-stretched changes.

"A sustainable diet where you allow yourself wiggle room and the occasional dessert are often the most successful," the nutritionist said.

Diets that one follows that don't get enough nutrients are unhealthy and wrong, she said. Such a way to lose weight may be effective in the short term, but in the long term it can only harm health and worsen quality of life.

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