How does snoring harm your health?

May 9, 2022  12:45

Snoring is not just an unpleasant sound to others, but an indication that vital processes are disturbed in the human body.

According to Maxim Novikov, somnologist, pulmonologist of "Medicine" JSC, member of the European and Russian Respiratory Society, it is not the rattling sound that disturbs his family's sleep that is dangerous for a snorer, but the night apnea syndrome - a sudden stop of breathing during sleep, writes.

Novikov noted that nighttime apnea syndrome is observed in most snorers.

As a result, snorers have reduced quality of sleep, and due to insufficient oxygen saturation of the blood, the cardiovascular system suffers.

 Because of the snoring caused by a night stop breathing also violates the regime of sleep and wakefulness. Valentina Baidina, cardiologist, chief physician of SM Clinic in Saint-Petersburg warns that this is fraught with development of dangerous disease.

In order to prevent snoring Maxim Novikov, somnologist, recommends reducing body weight by 10 per cent, limiting or stopping smoking, sleeping on your side and using contoured pillows with a thickening under the neck. If these measures do not help, it is necessary to contact specialists to identify the cause of snoring.

According to otolaryngologist Igor Manevich, if the patient has a mild form of the disease, then the methods of laser "lifting" of the soft palate will help eliminate snoring.

If snoring occurs, the doctor recommends applying drops that improve nasal breathing or special strips that are glued to the nose and spread the wings of the nose to the sides. Sometimes, however, this problem can only be treated surgically.

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