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What kind of food can cause vision loss?

June 9, 2022  22:36

The role that food plays in vision loss is the subject of ongoing research. A new study finds that certain foods eaten by millions of people can lead to vision loss. The danger lies in how it is prepared, Express reported.

A new study from scientists at Flinders University in Australia has found that eating undercooked or raw meat can increase the risk of vision loss.

The researchers' analysis found that Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite closely associated with cats, causes retinal scarring in one in 150 Australians.

"Retinal scarring is often caused by inflammation and can sometimes lead to retinal detachment," explained Giles Edmonds, director of clinical services for Specsavers.

Indeed, researchers have now discovered that toxoplasmosis can also cause retinal scarring through ocular toxoplasmosis.

This is due to the parasite Toxoplasma, which is transmitted to livestock and then consumed by meat eaters. If the meat is not cooked properly, it means that these parasites are not killed and are still present in the food we eat.

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