What are dangers of gel nail polish?

June 24, 2022  19:23

Permanent gel nail polish has become a part of almost every woman's life: durable, comfortable. It does not care about household chemicals and mechanical effects. But is it safe?

Alina Popova, master manicurist and pedicurist, foot expert, podologist, teacher and judge of pedicure contests, said that an attentive doctor always pays attention to the patient's nails, the Arguments and Facts reported.

Experienced endocrinologists, when osteoporosis is suspected, always ask the patient to show their hands. If the nails are thin, flaky and brittle, the bones will be brittle as well. If there are no or reduced wells on the nails or changes in the color and structure of the nail plates, thyroid dysfunction can be suspected. Nails bluish or curved - possible problems with the heart, thickened - with the lungs or bronchi. The doctor may understand from suddenly bluish or whitened nails that the patient has decreased oxygen saturation in the blood. White spots are a sign of mineral deficiency or, conversely, deposition of excess calcium. And under the armor of gel-lacquer important information is inaccessible.

That said, the expert notes that it's not just a matter of diagnosis. Persistent coating can traumatize the nail plate. If the master has applied too much base under the gel polish, the volume of the nail will significantly increase, and this is a risk of thermal burns during drying. Under gel lac, a grown-up nail can break.

People with diabetes should not cover gel nails (especially on the feet), because any injury they have badly heals and can even lead to gangrene.

At the same time, the specialist advised not to demonize gel nail polish.

In that regard, she gave several recommendations: not to go to random specialists, not to wear hard coating longer than the prescribed period (gel nail polish should be worn 2 weeks on the hands and 3 weeks - on the feet), to inspect the nails at every manicure (pedicure), periodically give hands (feet) a rest, in the first days after manicure avoid long bath and not to apply oils and creams to the nails.

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