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Summer diet top mistakes

June 28, 2022  17:46

Leading nutritionist of the Level Kitchen service, an expert in the field of healthy nutrition Anton Berdov spoke about the dietary habits that should be followed in the summer.

The specialist warned that if you drink cold water at the end of a hot summer day, it can lead to a malfunction of the immune system and cause a sore throat, FBM reported.

“When drinking cold drinks, there is a sharp decrease in body temperature (the temperature difference between the body and the liquid can reach 30 degrees), which leads to cooling of the main organs, as well as inflammation of the palate, tonsils and nasopharynx,” the doctor noted.

The expert also advised not to drink sugary sodas and juices, which usually contain a lot of sugar or its substitutes, which also provokes malfunctions in the body. For example, it can raise blood pressure and put more stress on the pancreas. The systematic use of such drinks increases the risk of developing diabetes and cancer.

According to the doctor, the caffeine found in many drinks has a diuretic effect, which interferes with the proper absorption of water in the body and leads to dehydration. This, in turn, can cause headaches. Finally, the doctor advised against dubious diets that promise "quick results" for the sake of a supposedly summer-ready body.

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