What cosmetic procedures are incompatible with vacation at beach?

August 3, 2022  15:28

Some cosmetic procedures are incompatible with a holiday at the beach, according to dermatologist Svetlana Rozinskaya.

The specialist told Gazeta.Ru that people who are fond of injectable procedures (introduction of fillers, botulinum toxin preparations and biorevitalization) should not sunbathe.

The beautician warned that at least 2 weeks before the planned beach vacation, one should refuse injections, because otherwise the sunlight can cause pigmentation of the skin. Also, do not forget that injection procedures are the so-called traumatic cosmetic procedures and sunscreens should always be used after them.

According to the beautician, particular care in the sunny days should be taken by those who have recently undergone skin resurfacing or micro-needling RF-lifting. In this case, the use of protective equipment will have to at least a month.

"Be sure to use sunscreen with an SPF 50 filter, as well as cover your face with headgear and keep it in the shade as much as possible," Rozinskaya said.

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