Why is it wrong to drink boiled water?

August 15, 2022  15:29

Artyom Khachatryan, a naturopathic physician, told us what role water plays in our body and what water is undesirable to drink, writes MedicForum. 

If you drink bad water, your health will only get worse. Water is almost the most important resource in our lives. And your well-being will depend on how much and what kind of water you drink, says the expert.

Many people drink boiled water, thinking that it is healthier. But that's not true. Drink boiled water is absolutely impossible, the doctor warns. 

Such water concentrates a large number of impurities, which adversely affect the health of the entire body. But there are almost no useful elements in boiled water.

Because of the frequent use of boiled water, stagnant fluid can appear in the body, swelling, and this is fraught with the appearance of excess weight.

Another popular method of cleaning water is filtration. The water passed through a filter is less dangerous than boiled water, but it can't be called useful either. The filter does not absorb all the harmful substances from the water.

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