Five guaranteed ways to keep your liver healthy

August 17, 2022  13:41

Recent studies show a dramatic increase in the number of people suffering or dying from various liver diseases, experts say.

There is evidence that this increase may be due to the fact that people are not paying attention to maintaining their liver health, experts told Eat This, Not That! that there are five proven ways to keep your liver healthy. 

If you want your liver to be in great shape, limit your alcohol intake or give it up completely. Even if you think your liver is healthy, those who have been drinking at least moderately and regularly for years are advised to take a break from alcohol to allow any damage that may have occurred in the liver to heal, experts say.

Hepatitis literally means inflammation of the liver. Prevention is key. In addition to vaccination, good hygiene (such as washing your hands after using the toilet) is very important in preventing hepatitis A. In addition, hepatitis B and C can be transmitted sexually or by sharing needles, razors or toothbrushes with a sick person.

A healthy diet can be good for liver health, experts say. Experts recommend that patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease drink three cups of coffee a day, consume four tablespoons of olive oil a day and stick to a Mediterranean diet.

Aerobic exercise can help protect the liver from alcohol-induced inflammation, researchers say. Higher levels of physical activity seem to protect against metabolic dysfunction, which eventually leads to irreversible liver damage.

Over-the-counter supplements can be incredibly harmful to liver health, doctors warn. One study found that bodybuilding supplements containing androgenic anabolic steroids are especially dangerous. In addition, a variety of multi-ingredient supplements taken to boost energy, increase performance and lose weight can cause potentially severe or even fatal liver damage.

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