Why is it not allowed to wear gel nail polish more than two weeks?

August 18, 2022  21:39

Wearing gel polish for more than two weeks can cause your nails to start breaking or develop fungus, said Margarita Makarova, master instructor at the federal chain of Finger Salons.

"As the artificial coating grows out, your nail stress zone shifts, hence the high likelihood that you can damage your natural nail. Another reason why you shouldn't wear gel nail polish for more than two weeks is that there are detachments and air pockets in the regrown nail, where a moist environment can lead to the development of pathogenic microflora," she told Gazeta.ru.

People with allergic reactions should be careful with gel polish. The expert recommends not to apply coating to customers with irritation on the hands or wounds around the nail skin.

According to Makarova, if the nail weakens, loosens and softens, you should take a break or use the services to strengthen the nails with special preparations, reports Moscow 24. 

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