What are healthiest foods to eat for breakfast?

August 19, 2022  16:38

Endocrinologist Albina Komissarova named the foods that are most useful to eat for breakfast, writes MedicForum. 

Talking about the principles of proper nutrition, many experts often focus on prohibitions: what is impossible or undesirable, what to remove from your diet completely, and what to limit. 

"In fact, there are a lot of choices! And today I'm going to talk about the foods and products that are worth considering for the perfect breakfast," says the expert.

The variety is indeed vast, and if you want, everyone can choose something on this menu to their liking.

One option for a healthy breakfast is porridge or muesli. They are based on complex carbohydrates and will give you a feeling of long-lasting satiety. If you fall in love with porridge and eat it regularly in the morning, you will not be in danger of returning hunger after a couple of hours. There are a lot of cereals, you can experiment every day and make your breakfast varied.

If you can't get enough of porridge alone, add proteins to it. Here it's simple - eggs, cottage cheese, meat. Not everyone can be satiated with carbohydrates; for such people, a protein meal is the best meal.

To diversify your diet, you can combine slow and fast carbohydrates. But there must be more complex (slow) ones. For example, you can combine porridge with honey.

And finally, the expert advised not to force yourself to eat something you do not like. 

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