Wearing green glasses reduces anxiety associated with pain

October 25, 2022  20:38

Scientists have found that wearing special green glasses for several hours a day reduces pain-related anxiety and may help reduce the need for opioids to relieve severe pain in patients, scientists from the American Society of Anesthesiologists, who presented their findings at the 2022 Annual Anesthesiology Conference, concluded.

The study showed that certain wavelengths of green light stimulate pathways in the brain that help manage pain. Therefore, green glasses may be an easy-to-use relief option for patients.

According to the researchers, pain and anxiety have similar biological mechanisms. In addition, fear of pain increases anxiety, which often leads to increased opioid use.

The researchers observed 34 patients with fibromyalgia (a chronic condition manifested by pain). They wore glasses of various shades four hours a day for two weeks. Ten patients wore blue glasses, 12 wore clear glasses and 12 wore green glasses. As a result, patients in the latter group were four times more likely to have reduced anxiety. They also used fewer opioids to reduce pain.

According to the scientists, the glasses were specifically designed to filter out a particular wavelength in the spectrum of green light. They noted that most patients who wore them reported feeling better and continued to wear them.

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