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52-year-old man's back pain was caused by lung cancer

October 31, 2022  19:53

A British man went to the hospital with back pain, where it was found that the cause was lung cancer that had spread to his pancreas and spine. The medical report was published in the journal IDCases.

A 52-year-old man went to the hospital complaining of back pain that started about an hour after working out at the gym. The patient was convinced the pain was caused by muscle spasms due to poor posture and weight lifting. The man described the pain as dull and told doctors it was accompanied by chest pain.

Doctors gave the man a blood test and a CT scan, which found he had a tumor in his upper chest. They also found that the patient had another small tumor in the upper pancreas. A lung biopsy confirmed the man had invasive lung cancer.

Medics explained that cancer can cause low back pain when it spreads to the bones of the spine, compressing the spinal cord or nerves that branch from the spinal cord.

According to his medical history, the 52-year-old man smoked 300 packs of cigarettes a year. He also had a history of hypertension, hepatitis C, schizophrenia and suspected chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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