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Man with longest case of COVID-19 recovered

November 6, 2022  12:44

The man with the longest case of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom has recovered, with 411 days of illness.

According to Sky News television, the man, age 59, tested positive for COVID-19 in December 2020. Despite the disappearance of symptoms, the tests remained positive until January 2022. The man had an early strain of the virus.

It turned out he had a weakened immune system due to a kidney transplant. By identifying the strain, doctors were able to treat the man with the famous American drug Regeneron, which also helped former U.S. President Donald Trump fight the disease.

In April 2022 it became known that the longest case of COVID-19 disease was recorded in Britain - the patient was ill for 18 months continuously. According to specialists, the patient eventually died; he suffered from severe immune deficiency.

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