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Eight embryos extracted from abdomen of infant girl

November 7, 2022  14:56

In India, eight embryos were extracted from the abdomen of a 21-day-old girl. Doctors said this is the largest number of embryos ever extracted from an infant.

According to experts, cases in which embryos get inside a fetus are extremely rare. They are called parasitic twins.

According to The Sun, the girl was born in a private hospital in India on October 10, 2022. After being discharged, her parents noticed that her abdomen was severely bloated. Medics performed a CT scan on the newborn and found eight underdeveloped embryos in her abdomen.

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The girl was transferred to Children's Hospital and kept under observation for 21 days before undergoing surgery to remove the embryos, which took about an hour and a half. The infant is currently recovering from the surgery.

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Cases like this are rarer than one in a million births. Thanks to advances in ultrasound, they are usually detected as early as pregnancy. However, sometimes a parasitic twin can grow inside a person for years. However, there are no known cases in which a parasitic twin has completed its development and become viable.

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