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World War I collectible shell taken out of elderly Frenchman's anus

December 21, 2022  22:43

Doctors in the French city of Toulon extracted from the anus of an 88-year-old man a shell made during World War I.

According to Nice-matin, the elderly man came to the clinic on Saturday night and told the staff about his problem. He said the shell was not dangerous, it was a collection shell he had found in his brother's house, but the management of the institution called in the bomb squad and placed the pensioner in a tent outside the building.

In addition, half of the hospital was evacuated and some of the patients who were due to arrive were redirected to other hospitals. Only the gynecology and maternity departments were operating normally, the newspaper notes.

After the bomb squad confirmed the absence of danger, doctors performed surgery and removed the shell through the abdomen. It is specified that the shell was about five to six centimeters in diameter and 20 in length.

Doctors didn't explain how the object was inside the old man. They only said that in practice they have taken out many objects from this part of the body, but the case of the projectile was something out of the ordinary.

"An apple, a mango, or even a can of shaving foam ... we're used to finding unusual objects inserted where they shouldn't be. But a shell? Never!" one hospital employee shared.

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