5 simple rules for every day to lose weight

January 23, 2023  16:24

To lose weight, you need to eat more protein for breakfast and cut down on alcohol intake, says nutritionist Melissa Mitri.

According to the publication Eat This, Not That!, Mitri listed five simple rules for every day to help lose weight:

  • Eating protein foods for breakfast.

The nutritionist cited a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that confirms the effectiveness of high-protein diets. She added that eating protein for breakfast helps you stay satiated longer.

  • Minimize alcohol intake as much as possible or cut it out completely.

According to Mitri, alcohol contains empty calories and sugar and can lead to a bloated stomach. It's also harder to avoid junk food when intoxicated.

  • Foods high in sugar are also best avoided.

In order not to make a mistake, you should pay attention to the composition of the food.

For example, sugar may be contained in juice, convenience foods, and flavored yogurts.

  • Drink more water.

Specifically, she suggests drinking a glass of water before meals. "Water helps improve digestion, provides energy and curbs appetite. One study showed that those who drank 200 milliliters of water before meals ate less and felt more satisfied," she explained.

  • Monitor your eating habits and try to move more.

Until a person realizes exactly what their mistake is, she said, attempts to lose weight will not yield the desired result.

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