Onishchenko: COVID-19 booster and flu vaccine are allowed on the same day

January 24, 2023  18:15

Coronavirus booster and flu vaccine can be given on the same day, it is allowed by the world requirements for vaccination, Gennady Onishchenko, an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said this during a Moscow-Minsk-Erevan-Bishkek-Tbilisi video conference.

He explained that the immune system will not be overloaded.

"Today we have a binary pandemic, a continuing coronavirus, which has already marked its third anniversary in the human population. There have been eight epidemic spikes in those three years, but each time it has been less respectful of vaccines," the academician noted.

Onishchenko added that there is now an eighth surge, and it easily infects people.

"The current strain is the most overcoming immunity. The Sputnik vaccine only protects against it by 40%, whereas during the first strains this figure was at 90%," the scientist noted.

According to him, this is the third arrival of the coronavirus in the 21st century.

"During the entire period of official registration of the coronavirus, 668 million 967,340 cases of the disease have been recorded on Earth, and more than 6 million 739 people have died. Due to the fact that coronavirus did not allow health care to work properly, another 14.6 million people died," Onishchenko said.

To fight viruses he recommended to take interferon, wear medical masks, sleep well, eat normally, take multivitamins, watch your weight and harden yourself.


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