103-year-old woman reveals secret of longevity: Active life and glass of alcohol at dinner

February 27, 2023  20:13

Hilda Cross, a 103-year-old resident of a nursing home in the English town of Shrewsbury, UK, has revealed the secrets of her longevity. She believes that her favorite alcoholic beverages played a major role in this. It reports Shropshire Star.

Cross was born in Bolton on February 21, 1920. During World War II, she worked in a laundromat, where she met Alfred Cross and married him in 1944. Two years later, the man was discharged and became a police officer, and after his retirement, he and his wife moved into a home in the village of Trefnant. In 2001, Cross's husband passed away before his 90th birthday.

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The woman lived in her own home until she was 100 years old, when she accidentally fell and broke her leg during the COVID-19 pandemic. After that, Cross was forced to move into a nursing home. She celebrated her 103rd birthday with her family: two children, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Cross said the key to a long life was wanting to stay active and busy at all times. In addition, she believes she has lived so long because of her favorite alcoholic beverages. "I also like to have a glass of brandy or wine every night at dinner," stated the birthday girl.

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The longtime resident finds something to do on a daily basis. She enjoys reading novels, women's magazines, dressing elegantly and watching people pass by. Before moving to the nursing home, Cross gardened, took many walks and crocheted.

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