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Drinking booze can keep away aches & pains

June 5, 2023  19:51

People who sank “low to moderate” amounts of alcohol were found to suffer less general aches and pains.

Boffins say around one to seven tipples a week may block chemicals that trigger inflammation and swelling in the body — the main driver of the problem.

Universities of Cambridge and Sydney researchers suggest positive effects could be due to the stress-relieving effects of booze.

But they warned that drinking too much has the opposite effect, damaging health.

Scientists studied C-reactive protein levels in the blood of 3,101 Brits.

High levels are a sign of inflammation in blood vessels and organs which can raise the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

It is also linked to psychiatric disorders, cancer and Type 2 diabetes — but results showed the lowest levels were in low to moderate drinkers.

Researcher Rachel Visontay said: “Harmful drinking is responsible for substantial disease globally.

"However, some research suggests that, compared to abstaining, lower levels of drinking may actually be beneficial when it comes to inflammation.”

Ms Visontay added of the results: “Further research is warranted to establish whether this relationship is causal.”

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