Dentist reveals three things that may be damaging your gnashers

November 7, 2023  18:00

Yellowing teeth is a common insecurity for many people, hence why whitening toothpastes and treatments are so popular.

However, it can be tricky to identify the cause - there are a multitude of things that could be causing your teeth to turn yellow and sometimes you actually need to do the opposite of what you think you should do.

Doctor Surina Sehgal (@drsurinasehgal on TikTok), a dentist from the UK, has shared the top three mistakes you could be making that are causing your teeth to go yellow.

The video has been seen by more than 88,000 people in just three days.

She told viewers 'Here are three things you are doing that are making your teeth yellow. My name is Doctor Surina, I am a dentist and I'm gonna tell you how to save your teeth' - read on for her top tips.

The first common mistake people make is to brush their teeth too hard - it can actually do more damage than good.

Dr Surina explained 'Brushing your teeth too hard and using excessive pressure with your toothbrush can actually wear down your enamel.

'Now, your enamel layer is very white, the layer underneath your enamel is called dentine and that's very yellow in colour.

'So using excessive force over time will wear down your enamel layer and expose that yellow dentine layer underneath, making your teeth look yellower.'

Next, she advises viewers that fizzy drinks are another leading problem stopping your teeth from being sparkly white.

She said 'Drinking fizzy drinks are the worst for your teeth because of their acidic nature.

'Again, it will cause enamel erosion and thinning, exposing that yellow layer dentine underneath.'

The dentists third piece of advice is the most shocking and rectifies a common misconception.

She told viewers 'Number three is using a whitening toothpaste - now this one may shock you.

'Whitening toothpastes contain very small abrasive particles in them, which help to remove surface stain.

'But over use of them can thin your enamel, exposing that dentine.'

So, while they may seem like a good short term solution to the problem, you shouldn't be using them too much or it will only make your teeth more yellow.

One viewer questioned that if all of these things are wrong, how can you actually whiten your teeth?

Dr Surina replied 'Avoid all these things. Maintain good oral hygiene - brush floss etc. If you want a more drastic change then try whitening with a dentist'.

Another viewer agreed 'Using too much whitening toothpaste is not a good idea'.

One user asked 'Is baking soda safe for brushing your teeth?' - Surina advised that it's the same as fizzy drinks: 'It is abrasive so can cause enamel wear. I would avoid'.

Someone else queried 'does the enamel layer repair itself?' to which the dentist responded 'Once enamel has gone it has gone! However you can strengthen it'.

Another wanted to know if using a straw with fizzy drinks would help.

The dentist advised 'Yep straw helps to limit contact with teeth but still I would avoid fizzy drinks as much as poss! It’s the worst for your teeth'.



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