Smart bandage created in Russia to treat wounds based on electrostimulation

May 14, 2024  11:59

A smart bandage has been created in Russia to treat chronic wounds based on the method of electrostimulation. It has no counterpart, it works on the basis of the principle of electrostimulation, and with its help, immune cells are compressed in the wound center; moreover, the tissues are saturated with oxygen, they have an antibacterial effect, RT informed, referencing the platform of the National Technological Olympiad.

Electrostimulation methods have been carefully studied by scientists in recent years, including ways of integrating them into the work of electronic bandages. The use of this remedy can accelerate tissue regeneration during the treatment of wounds of various severity, and it does not require surgical interventions and is quite simple.

Such bandages can be used, for example, to treat wounds caused by diabetes.

As of today, the invention is still in a prototype state, for the further implementation of the project, pre-clinical and clinical research will be carried out. Then the scientists intend to obtain a patent and agree on the serial production of these "smart" bandages.

Russian scientists have created antibacterial means (patch) with silver and antibiotics to treat chronic wounds and prevent complications in the postoperative period. The method involves saturating the dressing with silver ions and antimicrobials or bioactive compounds.

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