Obesity increases the risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke by several times

February 26, 2024  18:37

Many men who really need to adjust their diet and lifestyle, unfortunately, do not realise it, because at first glance they are absolutely healthy and have a normal weight. This was stated by endocrinologist and nutritionist Hasmik Abovyan in a conversation with NEWS.am Medicine.

Possible consequences of obesity

According to the nutritionist, obesity is only an external disadvantage for society, and in many cases even doctors do not refer obese people to nutritionists to get rid of excess weight by adjusting lifestyle and diet.

However, according to Abovyan, obesity is a serious problem that can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, several times the risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Even a person with a slim figure can be obese

According to an endocrinologist-dietitologist, there are cases when a person who is, at first glance, underweight, is obese.

"Kilograms express the material mass of our body, but it is important from what tissues are these kilograms formed? They can be made up of muscle and bone, or they can be made up of fat.

People are surprised by the fact that a person with a slim figure can be obese, which can seriously affect their health if changes in diet, lifestyle and physical activity are not adjusted," said the doctor.

Obesity is a chronic but balancing disease

According to Abovyan, it is impossible to get rid of obesity completely through diet and physical activity, it is only possible to balance the parameters of a person. However, deviation from such a lifestyle can bring the problem back again, so it is necessary to constantly monitor the diet and lead a physically active lifestyle. And diets that are prescribed for quick weight loss, usually give the opposite effect as soon as a person stops following them.

The doctor believes that obesity is a chronic, incurable disease, but this does not mean that a person is doomed to obesity.

"Even if he correctly, competently and without harm to his body will lose kilograms, achieve a normal weight and beautiful appearance, he should in any case remember that he has a chronic disease. If a person forgets about it, the disease will return again. Losing weight requires a lot of effort and determination, while regaining weight requires nothing, you just need to relax and enjoy life," Abovyan said.

To see a doctor or not?

The nutritionist leaves it up to people to decide whether or not to see a doctor for obesity and emphasises that if a person can fight the disease on their own, always follow a diet and lead an active lifestyle, they are able to solve the problem alone. However, according to her, when the issue concerns children, it is definitely necessary to consult a doctor, because in such a case the child needs special treatment, healthy diet and psychological support from parents.

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