AJCN: Sugar in bread, rice, pasta can cause insomnia in women, study finds

March 29, 2024  14:38

Researchers from Columbia University Medical Center in the US have found that pasta, rice, baked goods, and bread can cause insomnia in women.

The respective research results published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN).

During the research, scientists analyzed the eating habits of more than 50 thousand adult volunteers. They also collected information about the participants’ sleep quality and conducted a correlation analysis of the obtained data. It turns out that some ultra-processed foods (pasta, white rice, white bread, pastries) increase the likelihood of developing insomnia in women.

As researchers point out, the refined sugar in such foods may be to blame for sleep problems. Excessive consumption of pasta, pastries, white bread and rice can cause “spikes” in blood sugar levels, making it harder to fall asleep, reducing the amount of rest at night, and increasing the number of awakenings.

Researchers explained that sugar is also found in other types of foods, such as fruits. However, the fiber (dietary fiber) in their composition prevents the acceleration of absorption and the undesirable rapid increase of the glucose level in the body.

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