3 harmful foods which you should not give up completely

June 20, 2019  15:00

There are some products which are considered to be bad for your health. However, one should not give up eating them completely, without excessive use, of course.

Ice cream

Ice cream it is not always as harmful as you might think. Good ice cream is a pretty good dessert, because it contains proteins and calcium. Therefore, you should not give up ice cream, but you should choose it attentively: choose ice cream containing no artificial colors or flavors. Carefully read the composition on the package: it is better to choose an ice cream containing vegetable fat, the so-called “dairy fat replacers”. Good ice cream is made of cream and milk, and with the minimum amount of sugar.

Condensed milk

If condensed milk is made of milk and sugar with no vegetable fat, you can eat it occassionlly. However, one should not eat too much condensed milk, because it contains too much sugar. Meanwhile, condensed milk with vegetable fat and trans fat has to be thrown into the bin.


Although lard is a product containing much fat, one should not give it up completely. A small amount of lard in the diet, if it is not contraindicated for any reason, will not be bad for your health. After all, fat contains arachidonic  acid, which also helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, this product is high in vitamin A, E and D.


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