Girl, 11, receives serious burns by spilling glue on her feet

August 9, 2019  09:41

An 11-year-old resident of England, Lilly Worsfold, suffered serious burns after accidentally spilling nail glue on her legs, The Sun reported

According to the source, the girl was wearing leggings, and chemicals from glue for nails came into chemical contact with a cotton cloth. The fabric almost melted and stuck to Lilly's skin. The mother, who came running to her screams, immediately took the girl to the hospital.

Lilly had such severe burns that she might need a skin transplant.

By the way, in May, Millie Jones from South Wales also received a pack of stick-on nails for Christmas and following a day out last month, decided to give them a go. The pre-teen was left with third-degree burns after spilling some nail glue onto her jeans and causing a terrifying chemical reaction.

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