Football rival tooth removed from teen's skull

September 24, 2019  19:27

Portuguese surgeons have removed the tooth from the skull of a 14-year-old teenager who got there when a rival bit the guy during a soccer game.

A young man, whose name is not called, came to the hospital five days after the incident, complaining of acute pain in the skull. Doctors initially decided that the problem was a wound on his head. They thoroughly washed, disinfected the wound and gave the guy recipes for antibiotics. However, the pains not only did not go away, but also intensified, and 12 days after the first examination the young man again went to the hospital.

Then he underwent computed tomography, which showed the presence of a foreign body in the skull. The doctors did not understand what it was in the shape of the item, but when they removed it, it turned out to be a tooth.

This surprised doctors a lot, and when they began to question the guy in more detail, he said that during one of the game clashes when playing soccer, the opponent accidentally bit his head. After that, he grabbed his mouth, from where blood was whipping. Everyone decided that as a result of this blow, the player simply flew out a tooth that was never found on the field. And now it turned out that he had fallen into the patient’s skull.

The tooth provoked an inflammatory process that was cured only after the removal of a foreign object. After the operation, the guy was in the hospital for 2 more days, after which he returned home.

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