Ban on smoking in public places in Armenia to enter into force in 2022

October 11, 2019  15:23

The Armenian parliament will soon consider a bill on reducing and preventing the harm caused to health by tobacco products and its alternatives, already approved by the government. However, after the adoption of the law, the ban on smoking in closed public places will enter into force in 2022, and the ban on smoking in half-closed premises - in 2024, the main organizer of the public health department of the Armenian Health Ministry Mariam Mnatsakanyan told reporters.

Earlier, according to the expert, it will be necessary to develop and adopt a number of other documents, including by-laws, which will ensure the correct operation of the new law. In addition, the heads of restaurants and other institutions will have time to change their work style and prohibit smoking indoors.

The ban on smoking in some places, including driving public transport, as well as in some cultural, health and other facilities, is today, according to the current law, but in many cases it does not work. That is why, according to experts, it is so important to properly prepare for the adoption of the new law and do everything necessary so that after adoption it works and is respected.

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