What products cannot be reheated?

December 9, 2019  16:21

Some products cannot be reheaders, experts said.

These products primarily include eggs, mushrooms and meat.

According to experts, scrambled eggs and other dishes that contain eggs cannot be reheated, because when they are heated, the eggs lose their healthy properties, moreover, carcinogens and toxins that can cause cell deformation begin to form in them, which in the future may increase the risk of cancer.

Also, experts do not recommend heating the meat: according to them, repeated heat treatment destroys the most valuable thing in the product - its easily digestible proteins. For the same reason, you don’t need to heat up cold cooked beets: they completely lose their vitamins when they are heated.

As for mushrooms, cooked mushrooms after heating can lead to digestive problems, experts say.

It is not recommended to heat dishes with potatoes. Another heat treatment not only deprives this product of its actual benefits, but also makes it dangerous as it produces substances that can worsen well-being and cause symptoms of food poisoning.

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