Is a contrast shower really helpful?

December 24, 2019  15:28

A contrast shower, as well as dousing with cold water, can be good for your health if a person has no contraindications for these procedures. Pouring cold water overloads the body, awakens it, and stimulates the release of endorphins, said Yulia Kochanova, a therapist at the Federal Center for Cardiology of Russia.

According to her, the consequence of this effect is an increase in endurance, an increase in working capacity, strengthening immunity, and the vessels receive the necessary training.

However, it is important to note here that hardening with cold water dousing will only benefit if this procedure is carried out correctly and regularly. Moreover, you can not immediately strive for very low temperatures - you need to start gradually, with a small contrast shower, for example. Then you can gradually make the water colder.

Do not forget that hypothermia is very dangerous, she said addinf that ommediately after the procedure, you should intensively rub a dry towel.

However, before proceeding  to contrast shower, one should consult your doctor to find out if he has contraindications for such procedures.

“Diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with the respiratory tract, acute respiratory viral infections, colds and flu are just some of the contraindications for winter swimming and taking a contrast shower,” said Kochanova.

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