Coronavirus death toll worldwide reaches 3,053

March 2, 2020  09:31

The number of coronavirus deaths in the world has reached 3,053, but related deaths are decreasing. In the past one day, there have been 44 deaths worldwide - 42 in China, 1 in South Korea, and 1 in the United States.

There are 89,077 confirmed cases of this infection worldwide, and most of them are in China.

Coronavirus has been reported in 68 countries, including Armenia where the first case was diagnosed. The patient is a 29-year-old man who returned from Iran. All the people who were in contact with him have isolated for two weeks at an unused hotel in Tsakhkadzor.

According to, a total of 54 coronavirus deaths and 978 infections have been reported in Iran. The country is ranked second in the world in the number of coronavirus deaths, and third in the number of coronavirus patients.

A total of 476 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in South Korea in the past day. There are now 4,212 coronavirus patients there and 22 deaths.

Italy has 1,701 cases of coronavirus and 41 deaths due to the resultant pneumonia.

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