Everyday foods that can ruin eyesight

January 24, 2022  20:22

Diet has a huge impact on health, including - on the health of eyes, ophthalmologist Whitney Seltman said.

According to her, consumption of 2 everyday products can ruin eyesight. The expert considers bread and pasta the worst foods for eye health. According to her, simple carbohydrates in these foods increase blood sugar levels, which increases the risk of age-related yellow spot degeneration - the site of greatest visual acuity in the retina.

Age-related yellow spot degeneration is usually common in people in their 50s and 60s. It causes the person to have trouble reading or recognizing faces, and may even cause hallucinations.

To prevent an increase in blood sugar levels, the doctor advised to replace white bread and pasta with products from whole grain flour.

She also recommends avoiding processed meat because of its high sodium content, which is also harmful to health.

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