Which tea is harmful to human health?

May 16, 2022  19:35

The composition of almost all types of teas includes compounds that give this drink healing properties. The best known are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Drinking even one cup of tea can restore vigor and restore vitality. However, people's bodies react differently to the same type of tea, writes Medicine and Science.

For example, the abuse of hibiscus tea can cause the destruction of tooth enamel due to the large amount of acidic compounds in hibiscus. Scientists from the University of Bern conducted a study on the teeth of people obtained from dental offices after tooth extraction.

The resulting samples were tested using various drinks, drugs and food. As a result of the tests, it turned out that hibiscus tea had the most harmful effect on tooth enamel. Hibiscus also turned out to be a dangerous product for people with high stomach acidity, a tendency to cholelithiasis, and also taking hormone therapy.

Scientists also called comfrey tea unsafe for consumption. Compounds of pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are part of this drink are contraindicated in people with liver problems. This was reported on the pages of Public Health Nutrition. It is these compounds that can lead to damage to liver cells, up to the development of malignant tumors.

The publication also noted pu-erh tea in the list of types of tea harmful to the body. It consists of regular tea leaves that go through a special aging and post-fermentation process. A feature of this tea is the high content of tonin in its composition. Excessive consumption of this drink can cause discomfort in the digestive tract, accompanied by nausea and pain in the stomach. Pu-erh tea may also increase the symptoms of insomnia in people with sleep disorders.

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