What food habits provoke development of cancer?

May 24, 2022  18:31

Consumption of genetically modified foods, which prevail in the diet of men, creates great risks of cancer development, Alexander Seryakov, head of the SM-Clinic Cancer Center told Izvestia.

"The modern diet is dominated by food with preservatives and stabilizers. People often eat genetically modified foods, the consumption of which can lead to the development of cancer of the digestive organs. Also the deteriorating environmental situation influences the appearance of cancer," said the doctor.

According to the specialist, in general, on the occurrence of cancer is influenced by various factors, including alcohol abuse and smoking.

The doctor also listed the most common types of cancer. Thus, he said, in men, the most common cancers are lung, prostate, stomach, esophagus, bladder and colon cancer. In women - breast cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer and stomach cancer.

The oncologist emphasized that every adult under the age of 40 should undergo a comprehensive examination once every 3 years, and after 40 years - once a year, Moscow 24 reported.

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