How often should you wash your hair?

June 29, 2022  18:21

There are a lot of myths and opinions about hair washing. For example, it is believed that daily washing has a negative impact on the condition of hair and scalp.

Dermatologist, trichologist Natalia Kozlova told Arguments and Facts that sebum production is different in speed and depends on a number of factors. To provoke a faster process can:

- Too high water temperature when washing the hair;

- Hair drying with a hair dryer every day and at the same time refraining from the use of thermal protection;

- Improper selection of products for care and washing;

- Improper diet - hair will get greasy faster when the diet is full of simple carbohydrates and lack of fiber.

When washing every other day is worth using a certain scheme. You need to apply and rinse the shampoo twice in one procedure.

If the scalp is prone to irritation, it is necessary to change the shampoo for sulfate-free.

Natalia Kozlova recommends the following scheme for washing your hair:

  1. Adjust the water - it should be warm, but not hot. And at the end of the procedure it is worth to make it a little bit colder and rinse the hair. Such a simple measure will help to make the cuticle smoother and the hair shiny.
  2. The shampoo should be put on your palms and gently lather, and then distribute the product on your head by rubbing it.
  3. If you have oily hair yo can have better results, if you wash your head twice.
  4. After shampooing, apply a small amount of conditioner or balm to your hair for a moisturizing, smooth and shiny finish. You should be very careful not to rub the product into the roots. If you do this, your hair will quickly become unkempt.
  5. You should choose a quality product that will be calibrated to the composition or formula - you can first consult with experts. If you do not choose the perfect product, there is a risk of damaging the hair.

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