What must not be done in case of back pain?

July 29, 2022  15:45

During an attack of back pain it is in no case possible to massage and warm it, rheumatologist, neurologist Pavel Yevdokimenko told URA.RU.

"In an acute attack, many run to massage and warm the back. This should not be done categorically. The inflammation can get worse. In about 30% of cases the patient can get better, and in 70% of cases it can get much worse. But you can wear a corset to support the back. You can also wear dry heat, for example, a belt made of dog hair," said Pavel Yevdokimenko.

The neurologist noted that sharp back pain is not always dangerous, but you can not let things go on their own. "Especially after exertion it can be a herniated disc, which is serious. But now, especially in the summer, a lot of patients come in with pinched lumbar muscles. It gives a lot of sharp pain. The person feels like they have something broken, something scary. The pinch can go away on its own, but only if it does not become chronic. It happens in about 30 percent of cases," explained the rheumatologist.

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