What unexpected causes can cause sudden headache?

August 5, 2022  21:45

Severe stress or a sudden change in the weather can trigger a sudden onset of a headache, Russian therapist Irina Saynog noted.

In a conversation with Vechernyaya Moskva, the specialist noted that the head may ache due to the heat, with sudden temperature changes between the air-conditioned room and the street, stormy weather or fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. Also, among the main causes of headaches, the specialist called increased anxiety and stress, sleep disturbances, including due to frequent jet lag.

Headaches, according to Saynog, can also be caused by factors such as taking oral contraceptives, menstruating, pulling the hair too tight with an elastic band, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, as well as the abuse of tea, coffee, champagne or beer, an excessive love of smoked foods, cheese and chocolate.

If you have a headache, it is better not to wait until the pain goes away on its own. Instead, drink a glass of water and a pain reliever, lie down if possible in a quiet, darkened room, and relax.

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