Scientists find out what makes people eat more sweets

December 1, 2022  22:35

A strong craving for sweets is caused by a lack of bacteria from the S24-7 family in the intestines. Scientists from the University of California have come to this conclusion. The researchers' work was published in the journal Current Biology.

Specialists have conducted a number of experiments with mice. The scientists fed the mice antibiotics, which disrupted the gut microbiota, and then offered them sugar pellets.

Within two hours, the mice with compromised microbiota ate 50 percent more sugar pellets than the rodents with normal amounts of gut bacteria. When the microbiota of the mice were restored by fecal transplantation, they returned to normal eating behavior.

According to the scientists, the findings can be applied to humans as well.

"We know that people with eating disorders such as overeating and anorexia nervosa have different gut microbiota than people who are not diagnosed with these conditions. We have now confirmed that the influence is two-way and that gut bacteria also affect people's eating disorders," the researchers noted.

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