Advice from urologist to Armenian men: Go to the doctor in time

December 19, 2022  18:17

Urologist Ruben Hovhannisyan considers prostate cancer to be the most serious urological problem for men. The head of the Armenian Urological Association told reporters during a discussion on the sidelines of the Men's Health Congress that this disease can have a very negative impact on men's quality of life and life expectancy, and if it is not detected in time, the consequences can be tragic.

But, he added, for decades urologists in Armenia have failed to draw the proper attention of the state and society to this problem as a serious threat to men's health.

Another serious problem, according to the urologist, is urolithiasis, for which Armenia is endemic, meaning there are very few people in our country who either have not encountered it themselves or have any of their relatives.

Ruben Hovhannisyan also considers the conservatism of our society, both the medical community and patients, as a result of which the introduction and use of new technologies, which make treatment less invasive and more painless, is hampered.

For Armenian men the doctor has only one piece of advice: go to the doctor in time. He says he has been treating men for 27 years, but nothing much has changed over that time: people just don't go to the doctor when they should.

"A man has blood in his urine but doesn't go to the doctor, years of urinary problems, doesn't go to the doctor, not to mention more bad things, when there are very obvious problems, still they don't go to the doctor," he said.  According to the specialist, if a doctor knows when a patient needs to have surgery, then the patient should know when to go to the doctor. And if he doesn't know, he should periodically undergo examinations once or twice a year.

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