12 women working in a Virginia Hospital NICU were pregnant at the same time

June 19, 2023  20:19

A total of 12 members of the NICU team at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News—10 registered nurses, one nurse practitioner, and a unit secretary—were pregnant at the same time this year.

“There is something in the water as some would say,” Kaylee Arsenault, Nurse Manager for the NICU, said in a statement. “We have historically never seen this many team members on our unit pregnant at the same time in one year. I am excited to share in this time with my team members and look forward to celebrating as five of the twelve are first time moms.”

The waiting is already over for two moms. Deliveries began in March with the arrival of the first little girl, followed by baby number two, another girl, in May. The others are not far behind with four expecting in July, three in August, one in September, and the last one due in October. Over the next few months, the baby girls will be joined by four more girls, three boys, and three surprises.

"We all feel extremely supported and we don't have to worry about much if anyone needs anything,” Haley Bradshaw RN, who is 35 weeks pregnant, said. “We’re all here to step in and help if someone takes a break or has a doctor’s appointment. We have each other's backs."

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