Few bodybuilders think about the harms of protein supplements on fertility - study

December 2, 2023  18:48

A new study shows that bodybuilders are largely unaware that the protein supplements they use to gain weight could be harming their fertility.

Four out of five male gym enthusiasts (79%) said they use protein supplements as part of their fitness plan, the survey showed.

Researchers found that only 14% had thought about how these supplements, which contain high levels of the female hormone estrogen, could affect their fertility.

"Too much female hormones can cause problems with the number and quality of sperm a man can produce," explained lead researcher Meurig Gallagher, an associate professor who studies infertility at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

"Many protein supplements you can buy have been found to be contaminated with anabolic steroids, which can cause reduced sperm count, testicular shriveling and erectile dysfunction, among other things," the scientist added.

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