Cell Metabolism: childbirth reduces women's biological age

March 27, 2024  15:08

According to a study conducted by experts from Yale School of Medicine and the University of California, pregnancy has a significant impact on the biological ageing process in women.

Using an epigenetic clock, experts were able to estimate the level of biological age of women during and after pregnancy.

The study showed that pregnancy accelerates biological aging processes, which confirms previous ideas in medicine. However, an interesting finding is that the first postpartum period is accompanied by signs of recovery, which affects the reduction of biological age, reports Cell Metabolism.

This healing process has different effects depending on individual characteristics. For example, overweight women show a smaller decrease in biological age compared to women with a normal body mass index (BMI). It is also observed that breastfeeding mothers experience a greater decrease in biological age compared to mothers using artificial feeding.

These findings are important because biological age remains a key indicator of health and is associated with the risk of various diseases, including dementia and cardiovascular disease.

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