Gastric Cancer: salt overuse increases the risk of developing gastric cancer by 39%

May 9, 2024  11:25

Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna have found a 39% increase in the risk of developing gastric cancer. The results of the study are published in the journal Gastric Cancer.

Researchers analysed health data from more than 470,000 adults. Participants were also asked to report how often they salted cooked food and ate salty snacks (chips, fish, pickled vegetables). After collecting the necessary information, the researchers began participant observation, which lasted for 11 years.

As a result, it turned out that people who often used a salt shaker at the table, stomach cancer developed significantly more often. According to scientists' calculations, dosalivanie food can increase the risk of this disease by more than 39%. The researchers also noted that to prevent gastric cancer to completely abandon salt is not necessarily. Rare additional salting of dishes did not act as a risk factor in the study.

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