Most healthy dried fruits named

October 16, 2019  11:07

Dried fruits can benefit the body if used properly, said dietician Elena Solomatina in Evening Moscow.

Dried fruits contain more vitamins, micro and macro elements than fresh fruits. This, for example, is about potassium, which is useful for the cardiovascular system and magnesium, which normalizes the pressure and functioning of the nervous system. However, due to the high content of fructose and sucrose, this product is considered very high in calories. And dietary fiber in dried fruits can lead to increased flatulence.

The most useful dietitian considers prunes and dark raisins.

“They contain a lot of antioxidants, are rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols, inhibit aging and heal the cardiovascular system, have a beneficial effect on the eyes. But we must remember that raisins contain more sugar than all other dried fruits. Dried prunes have a laxative effect, dried apricots have a diuretic. Apples contain a lot of potassium. Figs stabilize bioprocesses in an alkaline orientation, ”she says.

And, for example, mango, which contains beta-carotene, has beneficial effects on the skin and mucous membranes. Mango also has an anti-inflammatory effect and improves vision. But “vegetable chips”, according to Elena Solomatina, is nothing more than a marketing ploy. It’s cheaper to buy and dry them yourself.

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