How to get back to work after New Year holidays?

January 9, 2020  14:00

Нow easier is it to return to your work's schedule after the New Year holidays? RIA Novosti shared some useful tips in this regard.

First of all, it is recommended not to stay up late on the eve of work, and start the morning of the working day with a warm shower, which will help you to wake up.

It is also recommended to drink a cup of green tea with a piece of chocolate before work - this will also give vigor and will be useful for the vascular system.

It’s also a good idea to go for a wook on foot - so you will finally wake up before the start of the working day.

In the first days at work, it is better not to overload your schedule, but to postpone important matters for later and gradually get into the course.

Specialists also recommend not to neglect disease prevention at work, since colleagues could catch an infection during the winter holidays, and it is advisable to do everything possible so as not to get infected from them.

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