What foods restore liver?

June 6, 2022  22:37

To restore the liver, it is recommended to consume oatmeal, milk thistle urbache (a traditional Dagestan dessert, which is a viscous nutritious mass with a rich taste - ed.), cottage cheese, baked apples and rosehip broth, gastroenterologist and nutritionist Nuriya Dianova told Moscow 24.

According to the gastroenterologist, oatmeal contains methionine amino acid which particularly helps with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease - reduces deposition of fat in hepatocytes. The specialist advised to eat this product at least every other day.

An ideal addition to the oatmeal porridge is milk thistle urbache. You can add it to a dish by two teaspoons, Dianova recommends. Milk thistle affects the metabolism and has a detoxifying effect, she said.

The expert noted that almost everyone who has liver disease should eat cottage cheese every day. It also contains the amino acid methionine, which has a positive effect on steatosis, the deposition of fat in the liver.

"Cottage cheese should have a certain fat content. The most ideal for the liver and biliary system is 5%. More would be harmful, lower is not necessary. Because some low-fat products add modified starch. And this is just bad for the fatty liver and aggravates steatosis", said the nutritionist.

Another useful product for the liver is a decoction of rosehips, the expert continues.

"You take rosehips berries, add stevia leaves for flavor, so that it was not sour, but exactly a sour-sweet drink without sugar, and pour boiling water. You cover it with a lid and infuse it for a while. This is a good thing, the right thing for the liver, " advised the specialist.

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