How to satisfy hunger without overeating?

September 8, 2022  14:32

One should eat only when there is hunger, said Margarita Arzumanyan, a dietician, FAN reported.

The specialist noted that hunger can be physiological or emotional. Emotional hunger comes after eating unsatisfying and unbalanced food, such as fast food or sweets. According to the nutritionist, it is necessary to satisfy physiological hunger, which appears several hours after a meal.

The specialist added the symptoms of physiological hunger: rumbling in the stomach, sucking under the spoon. In the case of emotional hunger, a person wants to eat, even when he is full. 

According to nutritionist Arzumanyan, a normal diet consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks. Satiety is achieved through a healthy diet rich in proteins, healthy fats and fiber, Radio Sputnik reports. 

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