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Eggs: are they good or bad?

January 17, 2023  17:07

Egg consumption is associated with health risks, the latest study, which processed data from more than half a million people, has found.  Study participants were followed for about 16 years. They filled out detailed questionnaires about their diet each year.

Eating every extra 300 milligrams of cholesterol or every half-egg a day was associated with a 7% increased risk of death from any cause, including cancer. At the same time, there was no effect of egg whites on that figure.

The authors of the study, published in PLoS Medicine, believe that limiting cholesterol and specifically egg yolks in the diet should reduce the risk of death.

How many eggs a day you can eat without risking your health

Eggs are an important source of dietary cholesterol. Scientists have long debated how dangerous it is to eat them and how many eggs a day you can eat.

In comments for Science Media Centre, a number of experts expressed skepticism about the work.

The biggest flaw in the study is the way the information about egg consumption was collected, said Ada Garcia, a senior lecturer at Glasgow University. When people are asked to recall what they ate for an entire year, a large number of errors are possible, she reminded. Such studies cannot produce accurate results.

Professor Bruce Griffin, a metabolism specialist at the University of Surrey, points out that it has previously been known to link eating large amounts of eggs and dietary cholesterol and unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, the "effect" of eggs in the diet may be mediated by other factors. Those who eat more eggs are more likely to eat more fatty foods and few healthy foods (vegetables, fruits). They may have lower incomes and education levels.

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