Appetite: food with equal fat and carbohydrate content is recognized as the most delicious 

December 1, 2023  10:25

The foods that are most palatable to people are those that contain the same amount of fat and carbohydrates. In addition, contrary to expectations, high calorie food does not make it more desirable. Scientists from the University of Bristol (Britain) have come to these conclusions. The results of the study were published in the journal Appetite.

The study involved 224 people. Scientists sought to find out what is the most important parameter when choosing food - its caloric content, the degree of processing or the ratio of fats and carbohydrates. They divided the subjects into three groups. Participants from the first had to choose between unprocessed, minimally processed, processed and ultra-processed foods. Examples of foods of the first type were fruits and vegetables, the second were mushrooms, the third were various canned foods, and the fourth were fast food and ice cream.

Volunteers in the second group chose between fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods and foods with equal amounts of these nutrients. The third group determined which food was more desirable to them - low-calorie, moderate-calorie, increased calorie or high-calorie. Researchers showed images of the food on a screen and asked participants to answer what they would rather eat.

The results showed that the food with equal amounts of carbohydrates and fat seemed the most delicious to people. Contrary to expectations, ultra-processed and processed foods were not among the most desirable. In addition, high calorie content was also not a factor in food choice.

Researchers hope that their study will contribute to the development of new nutritional strategies that are effective in the fight against obesity.

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